FireFly – the glowing diameter finder

Firefly - the glowing diameter finder


I'm very glad to introduce you the FireFly: the glowing diameter finder!

After many research and development works, I have designed this instrument that allows to find the exact diameter of any bars in a matter of seconds and in a  very precise way.

You can forget doing calculations, using edge finders or even "V" bloks and all the other consuming time methods. 
Using only one instrument: the FireFly, you will be able to drill through the exact diameter, starting from 3mm or 1/8' to over 80 mm or 3', with the same instrument and in any point of the bar you choose. So simple, affordable, fast and precise.

Here it is the presentation where you can see how it is so simple to use.

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All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary without notice due to product enhancement. 


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